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// This documentation was provided by the Accessibility SIG of the New York Chapter in support of of the Internet Society Accessibility Standing Group during the 2022-2023 period - current activities may be found at //

Standing Group/Special Interest Groups (SG/SIGs) are an opportunity for Internet Society members to collaborate on and find solutions for topics of interest that are not necessarily addressed directly by the projects under the Internet Society Action Plan.


Membership of the Accessibility Standing Group is open to all Internet Society Members. To join the Internet Society visit - it's free!


The Internet Society Accessibility Standing Group was formed on November 1 2021, subsequent to ISOC's plan to de-charter existing Special Interest Groups. While the new SIGs are temporary and project-based, both Accessibility and Youth, as Standing Groups, are permanent.

The former Accessibility SIG (A11ySIG) was de-chartered, and reverted to its origin as an Internet Society New York Chapter (ISOC-NY) project, in a supporting role to the new Standing Group, as well as other activities.


The Accessibility Standing Group's official web address is

Various variations of the Accessibility Standing Group logo may be found in this folder.


"Promoting inclusion for persons with disabilities" (adopted Dec 11 2023)


Code of Conduct


In January 2024, the following officers were elected to two year terms.

  • Chair: Dr. Praveen Misra
  • Vice Chair: Dr. Ashutosh Pathak
  • Vice Chair: Dina Santana Santos
  • Secretary: Nancy Marangu

Former officers


Activity Plans


ISOC Accessibility Framework and Disability Action Inclusion Plan

Disability Leadership Training Project

Africa accessibility awareness campaign


Group Activities