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// Please note that this documentation is provided by the Accessibility SIG of the New York Chapter in support of of the Internet Society Accessibility Standing Group //

Call Dec 8 2022

Gunela Astbrink, Farzaneh Badieh, Joly MacFie, Swaran Ravindra (video | audio)
Draft agenda
1. Welcome and introductions
2. Background to course development
3. Outline of course components
3. Module 1
4. Process for interaction and feedback to Nirmita
5. Next steps
6. AOB
  • G: People found course on IG not appropriate to PwD
  • F: Deadline is tight
  • F: Workshop to get feedback like the one F did in Jan
  • F: Module on Digital Inclusion could be expanded upon
  • F. N shouldn't work alone, use community feedback
  • F: Syllabus for schools on Internet governance
  • G: Dhaka Workshop, intended to be continued, needs funding.
  • G: idea is that the is course be pre-requisite for participation.
  • F: Reach out DC in Schools of IG for feedback
  • F: Pre-courses and the main course?
  • F: Follow up - what comes after / avenues of interaction?
  • G: First bit - general background on PwD matters. Important. So that people outside can acclimatize. But not overdone to people who already know this stuff tune out.
  • F: Include resources so that IG school organizers can easily add modules to their events
  • J: Intersectionality with other groups eg Youth, Education SGs. Create map?
  • G: Nirmita edited book on disability. Needs to get up to speed with IG.
  • G: Timing? Meet after each module.
  • J: So workshop needs to be organized asap.
  • F: need a Doc on Approach, bones of 1st module before.
  • F: DC-SIG, GIGANET, facilitators of ISOC Learn IG course.
  • G: This is syllabus. Format and funding of actual still tbd.
  • F: Corporate. Meta - might be interested. F can reach out
  • J: Webinar - clear set of questions.
    • F: what was missing from ISOC IG module?
    • F: what do people need to help them teach.
  • J: Scope needs to be defined. What this is not. e.g. policy issues not actual accessibility of IG meetings.
  • F: Google doc, Approach. Scope. next steps.
  • Aim for around Jan 8 for webinar.
  • Next call should be when N. can attend.