EC 30 Apr 2019

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Executive Committee Meeting 30 April 2019


  • Sig meeting. Program for Global Accessibility Awareness Day on May 16 at 8am Eastern, 12 UTC. Would be a webinar and last one hour.
    • We discussed what the agenda would look like. We also discussed what our angle would be.
    • How we would differentiate ourselves from the other accessibility groups.
    • We are situated right by the Levers of power in the Internet Governance field and bring in the side accessibility to gather voices into their field.
    • Give a summary of ISOC and where they fall and is much broader than main IG field. We can influence policy within the accessibility
    • Have Joyce or Christine to come on and give a talk about ISOC since they are from engagement
    • Need to bring ISOC Communications on board so go out on all the chapters. They can tweet and put our event out on social media
  • Gunela-admin stuff for the sig.
  • Business cards. Should we have braille on them, These would be paid from admin costs
  • Tried to figure out how to subscribe all the applicants plus the ones that were on our original application. Joly will handle this.
  • It was decided that Gunela and Shabbir would submit an ALS application to APRALO
  • We went over the Funding documents that Greg sent us. Greg is going to send out an English Language version of the bylaws to all.