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Accessibility Standing Group: Activity Pan 2022-2023


Long-term goals

To change perceptions of stakeholders to allow early intervention of accessibility initiatives, eliminate barriers and create new advocates for continuous improvement of the accessibility in the internet ecosystem.

Goals in next two years

Build understanding on accessibility through implementation of a pilot program aimed at training emerging leaders with disabilities and to improve digital inclusion for persons with disabilities in the Internet Society.

Short-term goal in 2022

Build understanding on accessibility through partnerships, promotion and communications, training and mentoring.

Standing Group activity list

March - May 2022

  • Three meetings of SG leadership team
  • Preparation and submission of SG activity plan and budget
  • Three workshop proposals to APrIGF
  • Two meetings with Christine Runnegar (ISOC) on privacy and accessibility
  • One meeting with ISOC internal accessibility working group
  • Invited as speaker by Nepal Internet Foundation at GAAD session
  • Planning, in partnership with APSIG, for Bangladesh workshop on disability leadership training includes 6 meetings with APSIG Executive Committee.
  • Negotiation with Diplo and ISOC TeL on online course development and delivery
  • Funding submission to ISIF Asia in partnership with APSIG on Phase 2 of disability leadership training

Activities as defined in the action plan

  1. Ongoing liaison and cooperation with ISOC staff on ensuring the accessibility of ISOC content, policy and practice.
  2. Build partnerships with ISOC staff, Chapters, SIGs/SGs, disability and non-profit organizations, NRIs, and Schools of Internet Governance.
  3. Develop an interactive online course for training emerging leaders with disabilities about Internet governance.
  4. Launch a communication campaign targeting different stakeholders each year such as businesses, web/app designers, developers, project managers, education community and policy makers.

June 2022

  • One meeting with internal WG on accessibility