2018-01-03 A11ySIG call

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Zoom Call - January 3 2018 = "IGF Review"


  • Gunela Astbrink, Australia
  • Vashkar Bhattacharjee, Bangladesh
  • Cheryl Langdon Orr, Australia
  • Daniel Sohn, Korea
  • Renata Aquino Ribeiro, Brazil
  • Muhammad Shabbir Awan, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Judith Hellerstein, Washington, USA (Chair)
  • Liliane Kom, Cameroon
  • Gerry Ellis, Dublin, Ireland



Action Items

  1. Make a google form to gather imput to the MAG
  2. Air the the idea on the NRI list that each NRI should have an accessibility officer.
  3. Have a dialog with the IGFSA about funding for captioning of NRIs.
  4. Contunue to have calls on montly basis