Election Committee 2023

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Meeting 1 of ASG Nomination/Election Panel

Friday, 4th August at 01:00UTC
Present: Gunela Astbrink, Vashkar Bhattacharjee, Judith Hellerstein
1. Description of roles
2. Composition of Executive Council and of Leadership Team
3. Nominations to specific positions or to Executive Council
4. If to Executive Council, does Executive Council or Leadership Team decide on key roles of Chair and Vice-Chair?
5. Criteria for nominations
6. Develop a nomination form
7. Process - identify candidates/possible interviews with candidates
8. Election process etc


  • Discussed the agenda items and concentrated on item 1
  • Decided on the roles/positions and which will be elected or selected as follows:
  • Chair - elected
  • 2 Vice-Chairs - elected
  • (two of three of the above positions need to be persons with disability)
  • 2 Secretaries - one is elected and one is selected
  • AMS Admin - selected
  • Treasurer - selected
  • Planning and reporting officer - selected
  • Chapter Advisory Council (ChAC) representative - selected
  • Social media/outreach - selected
  • Four positions will be elected.


  • Vashkar to define Chair and Vice-Chair roles as relevant to the ASG
  • Gunela to define Secretary, Treasurer, ChAC rep & Social media/outreach roles. The AMS admin is unchanged from the ISOC Guidelines.
  • Swaran and Zakari to define Planning & reporting officer role.
  • Gunela to check with Kyle re ISOC involvement in definitions
  • Gunela to contact Cheryl Langdon-Orr re ChAC meetings and disability representatives

Next meeting: Friday 11th August at 01:00UTC